Saturday April 24 - Sunday April 25, 2021


9:00AM EST Saturday

Challenges Announced

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10:00AM EST Saturday

Ideation Wokrshop

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11:00AM EST Saturday

Tech Stack Coaching

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6:00PM Sunday

Pitch to Judges

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ClimateHacks Schedule

Saturday April 24 - Sunday April 25, 2021

  • Hackathon

    Free to Enter

  • Schedule subject to change as we get closer to date. In EST time
9:00AM Saturday
Challenges Announced

The competition begins and the challenges are announced for each prize!

9:30AM Saturday
Team Formation

Where you can find team members (up to 5), have team members assigned to your, and begin brainstorming solutions!

10:00 AM Saturday
Ideation Workshop

Where experts and all teams come together to brainstorm solutions.

11:00 AM Saturday
Tech Stack Advice

Where developers and innovators give hackathees guidance on what frameworks, libraries, tech stacks, APIs, etc to use for their projects

12:00 PM Saturday
First Mini-Game

Minigames to keep us entertained in our discord!

9:00 PM Saturday
Show n Tell

Share your work with coaches and other participants and get quality feedback!

10:00 AM Sunday
Pitch Coaching

Get hands-on mentorship from leading professionals on how to pitch your project

2:00 PM Sunday
Second Mini-Game

Take a break from crunch time to relax!

11:59 PM Sunday
Submission Due

Deadline for submissions on Devpost

11:59 PM Sunday
Judging Begins

Deadline for submissions on Devpost. Also people's choice prize opens up on Devpost as well

12:00 PM Wednesday
Prize Ceremony

Tune in on YouTube for our live prize results

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